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About the Database

The PEDE database contains detailed information on over 4000 full economic evaluation citations published from January 1, 1980 to December 31, 2022. It also contains 4146 health state utility weights which have been collected from the cost-utility analyses included in PEDE. For further details on the types of economic evaluations included in PEDE please visit the trends page. trends page.

Annual updates of the database are carried out by a team of researchers in the field of health technology assessment using systematic methods (Acrobat 66 kb) Acrobat icon


Together with standard citation information, the database provides the following additional information for each record:

  • Target population
  • Population category
  • Disease class: ICD-9CM or ICD-10
  • Age group(s)
  • Experimental intervention
  • Intervention category
  • Primary health outcome
  • Analytic technique: CEA, CUA, CMA, CBA

For cost-utility analyses:

  • Descriptions of health states
  • Utility weights
  • Source of utility weight

Click here for a detailed description of the above categories. (Acrobat 59 kb) Acrobat icon

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