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About the Research Program

The PEDE Project was conceived as part of a research program in paediatric health economic methods. In addition to maintaining the comprehensive database of economic evaluations in child health, the PEDE Project:

  1. Examines key trends in publication of child health economic evaluations
  2. Developed a 57-item instrument for the quality appraisal of paediatric economic evaluations: the Paediatric Appraisal Questionnaire (PQAQ)
  3. Evaluated the quality of published paediatric economic evaluations to reveal methodological limitations of existing approaches
  4. Evaluated the quality of paediatric cost-utility analyses and studied trends in quality and publication characteristics
  5. Examines challenges and novel methods for health state valuation and measurement

Full details of the PEDE Project and results of all developmental phases are included in a Technical Report available from the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH)

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